A new and better way to check items in or out
The phone number replaces the claim ticket.
Our patented software captures guest and item photos, sends confirmation texts, and reduces item retrieval times.
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Forget lost claim tickets. Go ticketless.
Free your business from the fear and anxiety associated with checkrooms.
From CoatChex to Chexology: CoatChex, the Shark Tank-featured company that transformed the coat checking industry, has evolved to Chexology, which applies the same groundbreaking technology to check any item in or out with the touch of a button. Learn more.
Shave up to 25 seconds off the average guest wait time
At-a-glance identification with customer and item photos
Instant notifications alert customers when they have items left behind
Real-time digital logs track items and revenue
More than an app
Real-time insights so you don't have to guess.
Premium insights
Track staff efficiency, real time flow analytics, and customer patterns
Real-time itemized reporting
In-app item management
Build customer loyalty
Connect seamlessly with customers as they enter and leave.
Customizable app screens
Create a lasting, unique impression by adding artwork that matches your brand
Personalized messaging
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Put trust back in your checkroom.

"We saw a 10% increase in revenue, in addition to a 30% increase in speed."

Jeff Goldenberg, General Manager.