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Check any item in or out with the touch of a button

Technology you can trust that performs better than paper

Your guests expect the best. Creating lasting impressions through an unmatched experience is your #1 priority. We feel the same and we’re building our product to make it happen.

  • Replace paper tickets with SMS communications.

  • Customize your communication to create deeper engagement with your guests.

  • Increase return rates by notifying guests to collect their belongings before the event ends.

  • Link guests to an experience beyond coat check with SMS marketing campaigns. 

Modernize your coat check experience


Return the right item to the right owner

  • Capture high-quality photos of visitors and their belongings to ensure a perfect match for every return.


  • Lower risk and eliminate expensive claims on lost or incorrectly returned items. 


Get insights into customer behavior

  • Learn more about your visitor behavior; arrival time, length of stay, average coat check volume.


  • Match your revenue to your volume.

insight report with blob_3x.png

From 1 to 1,000,000 items CoatChex works for all

  • From a local club to a stadium, CoatChex's system can handle your needs.


  • Speed up the check in/check out process.

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