Forget lost claim tickets. Go ticketless.

Free your business from the fear and anxiety associated with checkrooms.

From CoatChex to Chexology: CoatChex, the Shark Tank-featured company that transformed the coat checking industry, has evolved to Chexology, which applies the same groundbreaking technology to check any item in or out with the touch of a button.

Shave up to 25 seconds off average customer wait time

Never hand back the wrong item with customer and item photos

End next day calls by automatically texting customers about unreturned items

Save up to 30 minutes end-of-day with real-time itemized reporting

More than an app

Real time insights so that you don't have to guess.

Premium insights

Capture key business metrics such as revenue, transaction speed, and length of stay compared to week before

Total customers served

Average check-in and check-out times

Hourly customer arrival and departure trends to allow for intelligent staffing

Average length of customer stay

Build customer loyalty

Connect seamlessly with customers as they enter and leave.

Personalized messaging

Personalize your arrival and departure text messages with details like trackable links that direct customers to social sites, sign ups, and mobile apps

Customizable app screens

Create a lasting, unique impression by adding artwork that matches your brand


From 1 to 1,000,000 items, CoatChex works for all.


Return the right item

to the right owner.


Modernize your customer’s coat check experience.


Get insights to your

patron’s behavior.

coatchex is made of all parts awesome