offer an elevated check room service

with chexology

Check items in and out with the touch of a button, and communicate personalized messages to guests—allowing your brand to be the very first interaction and the last.


We provide innovative and secure customer experiences that are faster than the paper claim ticket.


Our app interface, arrival and departure messages can be designed so each impression is memorable.


Digital Claim Ticket

Virtual Check Room

Thank You

MESSAGING campaigns 

Increase engagement by encouraging your consumers to interact and share in the experiences you create for them.


We deliver customer and check room insights that drive value and cost savings over time.

how can the nike product trials lead to product purchases?

how can ameX expand its premium offerings to guests on the go?

how can HISTORY channel use comic con to market their new show?

Chexology and HISTORY designed a Swag Castle to promote their new series, Knightfall. The Comic Con activation assigned “guardians” to protect attendees’ belongings while they explored the convention. Guests were incentivized through text messages to provide their email addresses in order to receive a first look at the trailer.